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A repository for projects plans and thoughts


This site originally served as a vechile for collecting storing software projects. The source code, notes on how the software was constructed, backup files, the results of tests and experiments, plans for what to do next and thoughts other projects, were all posted to the site in a hapazard sort of way.

Recently I thought "I should make my site look and behave better" I thought that sounded like a fun project....

Now I'm half way through and kind of bored. Not that updating the site wasn't a fun project all on it's own (and much more time consuming than I ever would have imagined.)
Below are links to the various Project pages, at the moment all but the Pastiche project remain hidden or password protected.

Pastiche Generatively modified photographs

A lot of them

Super Collider Audio Trials Generatively generated sound

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Audio Sync on multiple network devices

If I can ever get it to work

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Photo index stored on site, indexed

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that's it for now