Skyline on a blue gray day

Five Variants

The Original Photo Skyline

This photo was filtered into blobs of blue grey with almost no texture before being run through Pastiche, giving the original photo a kind of paint by numbers feel.
The photo was originaly processed with this effect to create a sky for the series BeachWalk , but after seeing how the sky worked out there I thought I would try a new series using the entire photograph.
I look at this skyline almost every day. And when the clouds stretch off into the distance like they did on this day, I can't help but feel there is more in the sky than I can see. It is as though the layer of air between the sky cityscape is overloaded with geometric energy of some sort. I often think of the Flammarion engraving pictured below. Each of these variants attempts in some way to capture a bit of that feeling.

Variant 1 reColour

Energy between the skyline and the clouds is suggested with layers of geometry - circles, triangles and lines, stacked on top of each other.
The shades of triangles feel sometimes like rays from the sky illuminating the city, sometimes like beams searching the sky for meaning.
The original photo's blue greay has been recoloured, to add warmth and mood and to make ambiguous day and night.

Variant 2 skyLines of Chaos

Millions of lines attempt to create a sense of structured chaos.
The lines are layered from the back where they are thick and blurry, out of focus and vague. A middle layer of straight lines vector through the sky the nodes joined with spheres imparting structure to the scene. In the forground, lines become sharp and wander from the light to the dark.
Again the original photo's cool colours are warmed and stretched hoping to conect the sky and the city with warmth as well as chaos.

Variant 4 geo of the Spheres

Whirls of cloud are swirled into into a collection worlds above the city implying infinte space in the confines of each cloud
As with the Flammarion engraving, the mundain earth - here the man made city scape - is hinted to be a small part of the universe that is hidden by the clouds. Ours if we could just glimpse through limits.

Variant 5 geometric Sky

The blue grey cloudy day is made ambiguous with night through layers and layers of darkened and lightend geometry. Scattered strokes of spirograph like curves feel like bits of lifeforms floating in the imaginary geometry of space between the firmament and the clouds.

Variant 5 geometric Sky reDo

Not really a Pastiche Variant Created by running the variant 4 through a Topaz filter in an attepmt to create a more drawn feel - something closer to the Flammarion engraving.