Tidal pool  of salty water seaweed and Anemones

Five Variants

The Original Photo Tidal Pool

Color Pop

This photo was run through Topaz to have it's color's "popped" prior to processing with Pastiche. The day was cloudy and the original photo only hinted at the colours. But while standing above the pool on Long Beach BC the varity and boldness of colour was obvious to the brain if not the eye.

All the variants try to capture the odd sensation created by the mirror like effect of water flowing over the jagged rocks with their hard sharp edges contrasted with the same water flow causing the plants to undulate and pulse.

Variant 1 Flow on

Endless lines swirl on top of thousands of brightened triangles. The underling picture shows through from a distance, but up close the detail creates a feel of sharp polished surfaces on top of which the lines flow, creating motion with a grungy feel.

Variant 2 Tubules

Tubules flowing with colour cover the entire image. Each tube like stroke reminiscent of the seaweed stems swaying in the swelling sea water. The strokes formed of dots growing to circles and returning to dots, reflect the spring like motion of each strand of seaweed and the pulsing tentacles of the anemones.

Variant 3 Strands

Looking down into the tidal pool there are times when the water rushing in pushing around the grassy plants creates the feeling that the pool is filled with millions of tiny filaments. Each filament partners with its neighbors to create a pattern of sometimes tight loops sometimes undulating strings. Still through all this the structure and contents of the pool remain present refusing to be overshadowed.

Variant 4 Crystal

Water always somehow is somehow reminiscent of crystals. Something about the way the light reflects as the water moves. Here that feeling is hinted at with strokes composed of thousands and thousands of expanding contracting twisting and rotating squares.

Variant 5 Mirror

When the soft flowing water on top of the sharp rock sometime conspires to reflect the sky or the surrounding hills the tidal pool takes on a special ambience. Layers of bright triangles interleaved with detailed furry strokes strive to create this reflective mood.